Sunday 1 January 2012


Seven days ago I was alerted by my friend Cam that Revelation were selling reissues of Screaming and that they were on colour. I have to admit I was puzzled that a) there hadn't been a massive fanfare regarding this and b)it was Wishingwell Records that was reissuing it. Anyway I ordered and waited literally a week before my Lp arrived in record time. I was eager to see what colour the repress was going to be a much to my surprise it was on clear green. Now lets get down to the nitty gritty here and explore this in more detail. The legit and original second press of this record was also released on clear green way back in 86 with green lettering on the sleeve to match. So what do I actually have here?? Do I have one of those or a repress using the very same colours as in 86. Looking closely at an original version there really isn't that much difference other than the shade of green used on the sleeve is marginally different. The labels are again marginally different but not really enough to separate both the original and this version. However after being pointed in the direction of matrix etchings there is a difference. I'm still bemused about this record as there doesn't seem to be any significant pressing info at hand and the fact that the colours match almost identically the 86 pressing throws a a lot more questions into the mix than answers. At $11 I guess its a definite bargain though!!!!