Friday 13 May 2011


Ah Deadstop, such a great band that is sorely missed by the hc community worldwide, Belgiums answer to Antidote etc. So many good memories and trips to see these guys rip it up on stages at home and abroad. It's been a long time coming for a band to make such great music and also have that electric early 80's vibe about their shows. Fuck, I've seen them playing on a boat on the river Mersey, I've seen them absolutely tear the legendary Lintfabriek club in Belgium up on more than one occasion and also play two incredibly high energy shows in one day at Liverpool and Leeds. This is their very first self titled ep and is on red wax. Nice. It is also the third pressing of this fine slab of plastic and was re-released in 2008. Dead Stop Hooligans!!!!!

As a final note I will never ever forget seeing them play their final ever show in Belgium and then on the way home back through France we were pulled over at gun point by the French police, they asked where we had been, we told them to see Dead Fucking Stop!!...happy times!!!!


Talk Is Poison are honestly one of the most underrated and best kept secrets of the 90's hardcore circles.If you like your hardcore ragingly good and raw as fuck then this San Francisco band will tick all of the boxes. Think Discharge on speed and then some!!! This ep was released on Prank and comes on a hot pink wax. Not totally sure on numbers but I'm guessing it will not be a huge press run. Members went on to be in such household acts such as Look Back and Laugh, California Love!!!