Wednesday 10 November 2010


Lp number 9 for the evil Elvis and boy is this a good one. In my humble opinion probably the album that should have followed Danzig 4 and a record that boasts some banging tunes (Hammer of the Gods, Black Candy). I pre ordered this about 3 weeks ago and it came right on time, unfortunately the first batch of pre orders are minus a lyric sheet due to an error at the printers so rather than delay the release the record label decided to send the vinyl out first with lyric sheets to follow sometime soon. Two pre order pressings were available with 1000 on clear red and 1000 on black. I have heard of a small amount that are transitional pressings that are clear red with black streaks, but not sure how evident the streaking is. Seriously if you liked the first 4 Danzig Lps then get on this record, its that good.