Thursday 30 September 2010


The Static Age history:
On August 1977 The Misfits released their debut single "Cough/Cool" on Blank Records, a label operated by singer Glenn Danzig. Several months later Mercury Records issued a Pere Ubu record on their own Blank Records imprint, unaware that Danzig held a trademark on the name. They offered him thirty hours of studio time in exchange for the rights to the Blank Records name, which he accepted. In January and February 1978 the Misfits, then consisting of Danzig, guitarist Franché Coma, bassist Jerry Only, and drummer Mr. Jim, recorded seventeen songs at C.I. Recordings in New York City with engineer and producer Dave Achelis. Because of the time constraints they recorded the songs live in the studio with only a few takes each and very few overdubs. They mixed fourteen of them with Achelis for their proposed first album, to be titled Static Age. Finally released in 97 by good old Caroline Records, and this here variant although none to rare seems to be increase about 20% per year of its original cost price.l Now to get the other two colours!

Here's the pressing info for Static Age
3500 black vinyl copies.
2000 red vinyl copies.
1000 yellow/orange vinyl copies.
500 purple vinyl copies.