Saturday 4 December 2010


Anyone with a keen love of all things Black Flag, Bl'ast lapped this band up in no time at all. Their first record was pure flag/Bl'ast worship and then they dumped their original singer and got a new guy in who looked like he should be fronting Crass or some other anarcho crust band!!! They even up their musicianship and incorporated some Thin Lizzy hooks into the mix and et voila here we have this record. I've been lucky to see and share this stage with this band on many occasions and not once have they let me down...always awesome. Great record, but I'll have to look up the numbers pressed as I have no idea!

Thursday 2 December 2010


If my memory serves me right this was the very last release on X Claim records and number 6 in the line. Absolutely a must have record on whatever format of raging Boston HARDcore! Seriously some of the best drumming ever on a hc release, in fact it seems like the drummer plays constant rolls and fills...incredible. Not sure how many were pressed but I can't imagine it being that many.


Had this for a while now and in my eyes another Boston Hardcore classic. Apparently there are two pressings of this here record with the main difference being the size of the letters on the labels!!! Fast and hectic, this record blazes, but unfortunately suffers due to the really thin productioN. The cover art is another classic Pushead drawing....has he ever done a bad piece of art I ask myself!


MIA (Missing In Action) were a hardcore punk band from Las Vegas forming in 1981 out of the ashes of The Swells and heavily influenced by the fledgling California Hardcore scene. This 37 song double Lp discography was released by Alternative Tentacles in 2001 and captures the 1981 - 85 time frame of this band.

Beautiful clear orange vinyl with orange swirls make this a visually great looking piece of wax, with the first 1000 coming on this colour. Sadly vocalist Mike Conley died in an accident in 2008. MIA are definitely one of those unheralded bands from the initial Hc phase that kids need to discover and check out.

Wednesday 1 December 2010


The best Channel 3 Lp since Fear of Life in my humble opinion. Dr Strange records released this in 2002 but if you didn't already know you'd probably think it was a collection of lost tracks from the early 80's. Clear red wax, and a numbered silkscreened cover, alas without an insert which is a bit of a let down. I got numero 430 out of 800!!


Boston HARDcore, it doesn't come better than this classic second release by SSD on Xclaim records, featuring the song Glue that has most likely been covered about a billion times since it was first penned by monsieur Al Barile! Little know fact is that the cover featuring a trash-strewn city street and drawn by the legendary Pushead incorporates his girlfriends name that is spelled out in the trash!!! I still haven't been able to work out her name though! Answers on a postcard.....