Thursday 23 October 2008


Here is the pressing info on this. 4000 made. First pressing (1000) on red vinyl, yellow labels, 125 of those with xerox sleeve which has the name "Gary Cousins" on it, the others have printed sleeves with "Gary Cousin". 2nd press (1000) with yellow labels and printed sleeve. 3rd press (2000) with light blue labels and heavy sleeve plus lyric sheet and sticker. Not really much to say other than if you are straight edge then this is a classic, if you are not straight edge then its still a classic. Its a classic!!!!!!! I really wish I had cool story for this record but alas it was bought off ebay for a reasonable amount. Honestly!


Deep Wound Discography LP compiling the 1982 demo, self-titled 7” and the tracks from Bands That Could Be God comp. Raging hardcore and a well put together comp musically. The cover is a bit crap. Really think the label could have offered something slightly better than this! No information about numbers pressed either. My variant is black w/ a small amount of red flecks. Got to look really close up to see them though.

Wednesday 22 October 2008

IQ 32

Another Necros rip roarer! Touch and Go pretty much along with dischord released most of the non west coast hardcore that in turn became legendary. This ep is no exception since its a split label release! I remember the first time I heard that there was a band called the Necros, "they must have gothic overtones" I said but boy was I wrong! Straight to the point hardcore, simplisticy all produces favourable results. A lot of peeps think that the Conquest For Death LP is better but I beg to differ. As for this pressing its the 3rd. Heres a run down of the complete pressing info. 3000 made, 3 pressings of 1000 each. 1st pressing with green labels, 2nd pressing with tan labels, 3rd pressing with white labels, all have different lyric sheets. 100 of the first pressing in special 'Skate Park' sleeve, numbered, sold at a Necros gig at Endless Summer Skate Park. + lyric sheet.

Tuesday 21 October 2008


Basically two songs with the A side being a different version to that on the LP , and the B Side is included on German license pressing of the same LP. Nice thick card sleeve with awesome artwork on the front. Another great ebay find at a reasonable price.


Social Distortion - Another State of Mind ep:
2000 pressed on black
1st press, 13th Story Records, released 1983

Anyone that knows me knows of my love for Social Distortion. Just something about the way they put songs together and their plethora of influences that they incorporated in them. This ep was released on the bands very own 13th story record label and the songs taken from their debut LP. Pretty slick paper cover for a self release with a glaring typo on the back. Mommy's Little Monster has turned into Mommies Little Monster!! This was also released in 89 by Triple X records on clear vinyl and ltd to just 500 copies.

Monday 20 October 2008


NEOS - Hassibah Gets The Martian Brain Squeeze ep:
? pressed on black
2nd press, Ratcage Records 25, released 1983

Manic 14 song ep from the Neos. Honestly this ep is blisteringly fast for the age of it. The cover and lyric sheet are both huge fold outs with so much writing on them that you'd be hard pressed to read it all in one go! I love how witty yet intelligent the lyrics are, and for a number of reasons definatley a groundbreaking band in my opinion. This variant is the second press that was released on Ratcage Records, the original being issued on the bands very own label Alandhiscar Records. The main difference between the two is that this variant which was pressed in the UK runs at 45 where as the self released one runs at 33.


Highly underated late 80s youth crew band fron Berkley California. Featuring Eric Ozenne of Redemption 87 and Nerve Agents fame. I will testify that I also think that Chain Of Strength hijacked the start of Making A Difference and put it to their True Till Death tune. Seriously I defy anyone to tell me otherwise!!! Anyway 50 copies of this record came with a limited edition cover (commonly refered to as the "Calvin And Hobbes" cover or the "Jason Bush Can Suck It!" cover), hand-numbered on the back of the record cover and on the B-side label of the record. Regular copies are also hand-numbered on the inner dust sleeve (mine is 339 numbered out of 1,000) but I don't know if the two different numbering systems overlap or if they are independent of one another. There are also regular copies that came with a fold-out, live photo poster of the band in addition to the normal insert but the quantity made is unknown.


Great early NYHC here. The thing I love about record collecting is when you find a real bargain not only in price but also in quality. I got this locally about a year ago and only paid $6 for it which was a bargain. The ep and cover are in mint condition and looked like they'd hardly been touched, my gain for sure. I also love collecting small bits of US regional hardcore history and this record fits right into that mold. Although the cover is paper I like the use of the red ink on yellow, makes it stand out nicely plus the back cover drawing is immense, pure punk rock. Just imagine seeing them at the A7 or CB's in the early 80s.


Ah Kraut made famous by CIV who covered their classic tune "All Twisted"! and featuring soon to be Cro - Magnon Doug Holland on guitar. Anyway I picked this bad boy up in a great trade a number of years ago. I love Kraut because they have that early NYHC attitude to a tee but they were very proficient musicians and could pen tunes that were so catchy your mum would prolly like them! I guess if the Clash had been a NYHC band then Kraut would be that band! This is my fave Kraut release and the lyrics to the unreleased song Matinee are so funny. 5000 pressed which I guess back in the day that was a massive pressing run.

Friday 17 October 2008


3 track ep from this San Francisco based peace punk band. I guess the American equivalent to Discharge. A definite rawer precursor to their incredible Dehumanization Lp. I always found this ep to be misleading because it was released in 1982!!! This record came with a Crucifix patch which added to the overall greatness of this release. The layout has a total UK anarcho feel to it which isn't really surprising considering Crucifix's influences.

Thursday 16 October 2008


Theres definately more to Danzig than just the Misfits. This was Danzigs post Misfits outfit and criminally underated in my eyes. Released in 1984 (Plan 9 Recs) and reissued in 1986 and 89. The 1st press variant which I have is of 5000, but there was also a run of 100 white copies and 15 black w/white streaks. The 2nd press of this record was on red and limited to 500 with subsequent 3rd and 4th presses on black. I love Samahain because they were the natural progression from the Misfits, rough around the edges but with Danzigs trademark writing skills, best highlighted in the track All Murder, All Guts, All Fun which could have been a Misfits tune. Still not sure why there was a need to rename Horror Business to Horror Biz tho and quite frankly this version is far less superior than the original!!! This record is like an unfinished sketch, but you can definately see the direction that Danzig wanted to take.

Friday 3 October 2008


Carry Nation were regarded as a super group featuring Dan O'Mahoney and Gavin Oglesby of No For An Answer, Steve Insted and Big Frank Harrison (Nemesis Records). Named after the Hatchet-wielding champion of alcohol prohibition, these dudes produced 4 powerful semi political songs on this ep. I always laughed to myself when looking at the thick card sleeve on this record that proudly displays Carry Nation - Face The Nation 1985 - 1989. How did they only manage to record 4 songs in 4 years, that by anyones standards is pretty slow going!!!!!


The second MOO release on my blog and probably the better of the two. Again powerful hardcore with great lyrics and this time I got a full colour simplistic double sided cover and clear orange vinyl. I picked this up at a gig they played in Middlesbrough on their Euro tour sometime in 91. I remember that one of the MOO guitarists had went missing in Amsterdam a couple of nights earlier (apparently due to homesickness although at the time rumours were abound that he'd broke edge and ran off with a hooker!!) so they played as a 4 piece but still rocked hard.


Majority Of One or MOO as most people like to call them released a couple of decent eps in the late 80's early 90's. I always thought they were underated and offered something a little different to the plethora of youth crew bands around that time. Powerful yet rocky hardcore, great lyrics and a good voice round off this record. As you can see in the pics this variant is not the standard one but came with a photocopied cover which included an explanation as to why. I remember being totally underwhelmed when I got this and thought that the label was a rip off but in hindsight I guess their reason was valid enough. The song Night train rips on this ep, prolly their best song.


By no means a classic record in the sense that the music will blow you away, but nonetheless an important release because this is the band that was fronted by a one Tony Victory! Yes the dude that does Victory records and is partly responsible for all of the dirge that parades it self as hardcore these days. I sent away for this record back in the day! and to be honest I've probably spun it about 10 times in the last 19 years or so! Such was the impact that this record made! Not even really sure why I kept it to be honest!

Thursday 2 October 2008


The band that got Zach De La Rocha of Inside Out and more widely known Rage Against The Machine started, although he doesn't actually sing on this record (plays guitar). The music is what I would describe as a less metallic Judge but powerful and ryhthmic. There were 5 different pressings of 1000 on the following colours and in this order, clear blue, clear red, clear green, black and clear. I'm sure I had a clear blue at some stage, better check around my house!! There was always something very basic about the packaging that kinda made me not want to listen to this as much as I really should, don't ask me why, must have been psychological!