Tuesday 27 July 2010


The best Misfits Lp....I think so! , nothing too special about this 88 pressing and made in large quantities. Reissued by Warner Brothers: WB 7599 25756-1/4; Ruby (July 1988) LP and cassette reissue with purple cover and green logo. Apparently, an extremely small number of LP copies have white Slash center labels and different matrix etchings. This is what the Misfits were all about catchy melodic punk, awesome vocals and lyrics concentrating on the darker side of life!

Sunday 25 July 2010


The full length Lp that catapulted the Misfits from a horror influenced Ramones style band to a horrorcore outfit. There are still hints of the trademark early melodic assault but this Lp takes the bull by the horns and thrashes most of the way through! Out of the 3 presses this is apparently a first press and to quote misfits central "There are also light purple front cover background copies on thin, translucent vinyl with PL-902-A MASTERDISK EDP SM3 in the side A matrix, and PL-902-B MASTERDISK EDP M2 on side B." So there you have it and as highlighted by the sun shining through the second picture this is a first press translucent vinyl with just the plan 9 logo and no barcodes in sight on the flip side of the sleeve.

Saturday 24 July 2010


Second installment of Samhain's NCF and this one was released in May 1986. This is the UK only release on Revolver records and as you can see in the pics there are a few subtle differences like a different record label and the obvious Revolver logo on the back of the record sleeve.


Possibly my favourite Samhain record and definitely the most polished, released in Feb 1986. I'd been thinking about getting this record for a while when I was given the opportunity to conduct a really good deal for it, which I couldn't turn down! There's something about this record and the end of summer beginning of Autumn that fits just nicely alongside the pumpkin clear orange vinyl! Most rabid fits/hain collectors know that there were only 500 of these bad boys produced and getting one on Ebay will cost you an arm and a leg and quite possibly more. I've been lucky with this one so another want has disappeared off my wants list.

Friday 2 July 2010


The Misfits Legacy of Brutality originally released in March of 86 and limited to 500copies on clear red and 500 on white. Transition presses from one colour to the other included 16 pink copies and subsequent copies of red (with black streaks from the first pressing) and white copies (with pink/red streaks from the red version). This was basically because of the pressing plates not being cleaned. Anyway now on to this version that I own. This is mostly white bar one small pink streak in the vinyl so I guess it does count as a streaked version just.I'll hit up a photo once my camera battery has restored its charge. Lukily I also hit up a pretty good trade for this bad boy and to say I'm happy to own it is an understatement. Now someone get me a colour Earth AD on the cheap!!!