Tuesday 5 October 2010


Released in 1982 and featuring Steve Zing of Samhain fame and Bobby Steele (Misfits) doing some erm.. "special effects" between songs! This was a one time pressing of 1000 all on black and after having been scouring the world for the past 4 years looking for one I finally have the sucker. I guess if you hadn't heard Mourning Noise before you'd probably think that the songs were lost or unused Misfits tunes consigned to the annuls of history! Funnily enough this band hail from Lodi New Jersey exactly the same location as the devilocked ones! So I guess the had ample opportunities to perfect their Misfits sound to the max! Hey they even thank Danzig on the thanks list! Check it! Great record by a great and highly underrated band.