Thursday 10 February 2011


Brand new Supertouch ep and their first release in 20 years!!! Not sure if I like this record the first time I heard it but it's grown on me. Maybe it's the vocal effect that put me off,but it has a different vibe to their last release. I was gutted recently as they played a one off London show but due to the effects of a two week bout of man flu I had to cry it off. I guess my memories of their previous UK tour in the 90's will have to suffice!

I pre ordered this from Reaper Records sometime in December and Finally got my record today (Feb 10th), a full week and a half after a friend got his but who also ordered about a month after me!!! Not quite sure how that one worked out! I still don't really know what to make of the cover, quite a random pic of a lady swimming, maybe she "lost her way", I dunno!
It always used to be a bit of a bug bear how peeps would diss Supertouch for their progressive sound but would then proclaim their love for some shit indie band that was hip at the time. Maybe it was the fact that they progressed from their classic WNYU sound to the Lp and it was too much to handle. Personally I always loved Supertouch and I'm definitely giving this record a chance. Pressing info to follow.