Friday 5 December 2008


Phillys Edgewise were one of those bands that emerged late 80s and put on their release in 1990. Not a bad band by any means but nothing groundbreaking or particularly outstanding. Still worthy of a spot in my collection although being honest I think the last time I spun this record was in the 90s also! The poster sleeve is awesome and compliments the clear vinyl. I also scored on of those horrendous paper stickers with this record. What is the purpose of those damn things, absolutely useless! Ordered this direct from the label when it came out and it took about 3 months to arrive. Aaahhhh the good old days!!!


Contrast Records re-released this classic a few years back. Obviously I had to have one even though I already had the og Flux press, I was interested to see how this would compare and another plus was the fact it came on colour. AIAC was basically Jules (Side By Side) progression band that has stood the test of time and whose anthem "is anybody there" covered by a ton of bands. Infact circa 2004 in the UK there must have been at least 4 bands covering this song at the same time! And I remember one gig when two bands covered the song in their sets!!!! Great record with possibly one of the most charismatic front men to grace the hardcore scene. This reissue has been done well and the vinyl looks great. Luckily I was one of the 170 to get the 1st press variant although there is a rarer green, light green, clear green swirl variant of 30.


Taken from the Rev Records site. Shortly before the demise of Burn in 1992, the band recorded three songs which were never released. These recordings became highly sought after by fans and tenth generation dubs have been circulating the underground scene for years. Burn were one of those bands that were too talented to be a hardcore band if you get my drift. Complex song structures and a groove that was against the grain in a scene were talent wasn't really a badge of honour! Two words ALAN CAGE!!! Packaging is a bit sparse but I love the insert pic of the band. Great shot of them in a non live environment.