Monday 4 July 2011


Here we have the infamous Evilive 12 inch version of the same titled ep. This is another of the 1987 caroline reissues and only 2000 were pressed on clear green wax.

A very small number of these have black streaks in them and although mine doesn't it does have a number of green streaks running through it. Not sure of the significance or rarity (if any) of that but thought I'd mention it.
This recording was taken from a show they did on Broadway in San Francisco in November 81 and shows the true power of the fits in all of their glory. When I got this it was still sealed and after much b=deliberation I thought it would be a bit silly buying a colour vinyl never to open it so after near on nearly a quarter of a century it has now been opened. How old does that make this record sound hahaha!!!

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Mark-Sandwell said...

Oooh very nice. This was the first Misfits album I ever bought or heard, back in 1987 at the teder age of 15. magical times.