Saturday 16 April 2011


Ok looks like I've got the dubious honour of posting my record store day haul first among the brethren of vinyl collectors in the UK so here goes the first post of three. When O first saw that Revelation was re-releasing a batch of records for this annual event my first thought was "please do the Warzone ep with original cover and inserts", unfortunately this hasn't materialized but I have to say I'm happy with Revs choices even though two of them technically should not have been repressed since they had FINAL presses a few years back (this one included)! Anyway here is numero uno, Quicksands self titled ep on an amazing bright blue marbled wax. I always hark back to the very first time I saw the band back in 1990 at Fowlers yard in Durham and not really knowing what to expect and then being totally blown away by how good they were. Funnily enough I'm sure Quicksands debut tour was in the UK as they were testing the response of the UK audience before unleashing themselves stateside. I guess the word groundbreaking is quite apt for this band and I'm sure as hell that they influenced countless bands that followed. To see them grow from a band that played to about 30-40 people to what they finally ended up being was incredible. Top guys and a top band.

So as far as a world record store day release this was pressed in a batch of 1000 on blue with an alleged clear blue variant out there. I waited exactly 1 hour and 15 minutes in a line of what I can only call NERDS to get these release, was it worth it? Hell yes!!! Would I do it gain, definitely...oh and Cam I'm sorry you missed out mate, good luck on Ebay though I hope you find what you're after.

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