Saturday, 14 August 2010


Hands Tied have reformed. I for one are happy to see one of the 90's premier youth crew revival bands back in the fold and eagerly anticipate their new ep on Livewire Records. HT are better known as Tim McMahon's first post Mouthpiece band and whereas Mouthpiece had obvious Chain/West Coast straight edge influenced jams HT are more in line with what the NY youth crew was creating. Great great record and this here version is the limited Euro tour press out of 300. I lucked out with numero 78! My one abiding HT memory was moshing it up to them at the Sheffield Corporation whilst they played a cover of Project x's Straight Edge Revenge only for me to break the strap on my highly expensive original x swatch! Luckily I was reacquainted with said watch at the end of the show and spent a bit on repair work!


mcs said...

I got one of these, but mine is one of the non-numbered ones, which irritates me.

Lins87 said...

Number it up dude!!!!

mcs said...

I thought this was a good idea. So I have numbered mine 87.

Seems like I'm now holding one which would be perfect for you, don't you think? So just to be kind, I'll sell it to you if you want. Or to keep it simple, we could just trade my number 87 for your 78.

What do you say?

Lins87 said...

hahaha now that made me LOL!!!