Thursday, 12 August 2010


Wow is the word that springs to mind when you see the packaging on this record. DN offer stripped down dirty and nasty hardcore with influences that range from early COC and others that have been gathered by the respective band members over their 25+ years of hardcore involvement. I have to say that this is a record from a bunch of 40 year olds that pisses all over most of the current so called hardcore scene. Flawless from start to finish. Now let me get onto the whole package which includes a free mp3 download, deluxe foil-stamped covers, and obi strip. I mean come on for $12 this is an absolute steal and looks incredible. I love it when a label puts a lot of effort and funds into producing something as cool looking as this slab of vinyl, it's most definitely a labour of love on Sorry States behalf to which they should be applauded wholeheartedly. Hot pink wax which is number 213 out of 286!

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