Friday, 23 April 2010


It's late and I'm tired, so I copied this from Flex!!! Great band, love Shawn Browns vocals over pretty much all of the other dudes.

4 x 7” on colored vinyl (white/green/purple/pink), 3500 made; 5-6 test pressings. + info sheet.

The first two EPs of this set contain the legendary demos with Shawn Brown (later with Swiz) singing: vocals are a lot rougher and less pop oriented than on the first LP. The 3rd EP has demos with Peter Cortner, very similar to the versions on Wig Out LP. The 4th EP contains goodies, two nice unreleased songs w/ Peter Cortner and Dave Smalley, a live track and a second version of Another Wrong.


Dobek Ohashi said...

Another reason why I put all of my vinyl in those re-sealable poly bags :) and I generally keep the room with records a cat free zone since they like to use the spines/seams as scratch boards as well (happened to me in the past)

I've also never seen the 2nd press vinyl with Sammy sleeve. I have the 3rd pressing with that cover. Vinyl has gray or silver labels though ~ I can't remember now

Dobek Ohashi said...
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PETE said...

I have 85-86 on LP but this box set looks awesome (they had it in Volume heheh). Shaun Brown vocals for life!

Lins87 said...

Pete.....check out the Can I say Shaun Brown Dag Nasty Lp coming out soon on Dischord!