Sunday, 25 April 2010


So last night saw one of only two Voorhees reunion shows (1 in Amsterdam, 1 in Leeds Uk) and to mark the 20th anniversary of their existence Grot ecords re-released Spilling blood without reason on colour vinyl. Their were two colours on offer a clear red splatter that I picked up limited to 100 (which all sold out) and a clear red limited to 500. The record is a faithful reproduction of the original sleeve and the vinyl is awesome thick wax. I'll be picking a red version pretty soon and if you get the chance, try and get hold of this record as it is one of the best ever that this tiny island has produced.

I guess I'm biased having seen many different incarnations of the Hees over the years and being friends with the band members for many years but to me Voorhees was more than a band but a group of friends that did well playing the music they love. Last night proved that even 20 years on they still have the passion, anger and skill to blast out their extensive catalogue brilliantly......MORE VIOLENCE IN HARDCORE!!!

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marcus said...

Looks cool. What a perfect colour for this record! Kinda wish I had made the effort to go to this now. Bugger.