Friday, 23 April 2010


So the story with this one is that I had the first press cover and unfortunately one of my cats decided that she would use it as cat lit and proceeded to golden shower the record. Yup had the damn record for near on 20 years and in an instant it was no more. So after much searching I located a spare that a friend had and we traded.

As an aside the last time I saw Sammy was around 7-8 years ago whilst he was on tour with Rival Schools, I actually bumped into him as I was on my way home from work having absolutely no intention of going to see his newest band. Anyway we ended up going for a Chinese meal and after much reminiscing over past tours (esp Youth Of Today in 89), records and other stuff, he pretty much told me that I was on the guest list and that I had to go to the show. To be honest I actually enjoyed it although to this day I still own zero Rival Schools records.

Wide Awake what a great yet underated youth crew band....awesome.

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