Friday, 3 October 2008


Carry Nation were regarded as a super group featuring Dan O'Mahoney and Gavin Oglesby of No For An Answer, Steve Insted and Big Frank Harrison (Nemesis Records). Named after the Hatchet-wielding champion of alcohol prohibition, these dudes produced 4 powerful semi political songs on this ep. I always laughed to myself when looking at the thick card sleeve on this record that proudly displays Carry Nation - Face The Nation 1985 - 1989. How did they only manage to record 4 songs in 4 years, that by anyones standards is pretty slow going!!!!!


Anonymous said...

The dates are kind of a joke. The band practiced three or four times in 1985 and petty much broke up. The band reformed in 1990 played only a handful of shows after recording the four songs. There were only eight Carry Nation songs.

Mike said...

They had the song Temple Walls on the East Meets West live Nemesis comp. That's 5 songs. If there were 8 songs, I'd love to hear those 3 "lost" songs.