Thursday, 16 October 2008


Theres definately more to Danzig than just the Misfits. This was Danzigs post Misfits outfit and criminally underated in my eyes. Released in 1984 (Plan 9 Recs) and reissued in 1986 and 89. The 1st press variant which I have is of 5000, but there was also a run of 100 white copies and 15 black w/white streaks. The 2nd press of this record was on red and limited to 500 with subsequent 3rd and 4th presses on black. I love Samahain because they were the natural progression from the Misfits, rough around the edges but with Danzigs trademark writing skills, best highlighted in the track All Murder, All Guts, All Fun which could have been a Misfits tune. Still not sure why there was a need to rename Horror Business to Horror Biz tho and quite frankly this version is far less superior than the original!!! This record is like an unfinished sketch, but you can definately see the direction that Danzig wanted to take.


lecky said...

I still need to send you those photocopy's I promised you, I'll include the insert for this too, plus some Misfits inserts if you want them.

Lins87 said...

yeah that would be awesome

Anonymous said...

I remember buying this from Windows in Newcastle when imports still cost under £6.