Monday, 20 October 2008


Great early NYHC here. The thing I love about record collecting is when you find a real bargain not only in price but also in quality. I got this locally about a year ago and only paid $6 for it which was a bargain. The ep and cover are in mint condition and looked like they'd hardly been touched, my gain for sure. I also love collecting small bits of US regional hardcore history and this record fits right into that mold. Although the cover is paper I like the use of the red ink on yellow, makes it stand out nicely plus the back cover drawing is immense, pure punk rock. Just imagine seeing them at the A7 or CB's in the early 80s.

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Cris Colon said...

I am the guy who arranged the art and the production of the cover and sleeve. This was my high school band. We copywrote it and it became my pet project. We wrote 47 songs (myself and the guitar player - Richie). The bass player arranged the recordings that we did from studios to be pressed at PRI in L.I., the same studio Tito Puente produced some of his records.

"The stench of victory is on my breathe/I've lived my life a living death/but now I'm free - I've conqured all/I rule the throng and I stand tall/Before I stood with many/but now I stand alone/my mind is polished crystal/my heart is made of stone"

Many internet links have emerged, come and gone while I lived an unusual, but ordinary life. We never grew because as a group some of my band mates had no sense of commitment, cooperation or business sense. So the band died. It came back again and agina only to repeat history. If you wnat to know more I can send you information. Chris Colon Email: