Monday, 20 October 2008


Ah Kraut made famous by CIV who covered their classic tune "All Twisted"! and featuring soon to be Cro - Magnon Doug Holland on guitar. Anyway I picked this bad boy up in a great trade a number of years ago. I love Kraut because they have that early NYHC attitude to a tee but they were very proficient musicians and could pen tunes that were so catchy your mum would prolly like them! I guess if the Clash had been a NYHC band then Kraut would be that band! This is my fave Kraut release and the lyrics to the unreleased song Matinee are so funny. 5000 pressed which I guess back in the day that was a massive pressing run.

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xroldx said...

I love Kraut. With Heartfelt we also covered All Twisted because it was one of the few songs we all four could agree on playing.

I have this Kraut discography which is one of my favourite NYHC records.

I guess the Kraut Clash comparison isn't so far off. Though Kraut never used a lot of reggae they sticked to the core.