Friday, 12 September 2008


Henry Garfield...what a guy and heres where it all started. The thing I love about this ep is how straight up raw and unpolished it is. Almost like a fuck you we'll do it our way attitude coming straight through your speakers. I got this off ebay a while back and to this day still think it was a bargain price. You know the auctions that aren't worded well, here is proof of one of them! I know its not a clear green 1st press which hopefully I'll get sometime in the near future, but its still an S.O.A. ep! This is the second press variant that does not have the Black Flag bars on Henrys arm, which came on the 3rd and final press to signify his switch to the Flag camp. Gaaaaaaannnng Fighhhhhtttt!


Lecky said...

Sorry to be pedantic (can't help it) but this is a 1st press sleeve.
Jeff Nelson was selling some SOA records on eBay about six months ago and he broke down the pressing differences.
Vinyl -
1st Green vinyl.
2nd Black vinyl.
3rd Black vinyl + band name on label.
Sleeve -
1st No Black Flag Bars on Henry's arm, 1327-J Rockville Pike address on back.
2nd Black Flag Bars on Henry's arm, 3819 BEECHER ST address (all capitals).
3rd Black Flag Bars on Henry's arm, 3819 Beecher St address (all lower case).
There are a lot of copies with the wrong sleeve though, if you check popsike it's about half and half, probably due to over runs on the printing.

Lins87 said...

Awesome, thats the beauty of record collecting, not knowing what you've got till a fellow collector points it out! thanks again for the info, you are a record fountain of knowledge!