Friday, 12 September 2008


Basically this record was pressed and given away at a Black Flag gig in 1981. Not too sure of the venue, place or date but it was a thank you to fans of the band. The songs are Thirsty and Miserable (a rougher mix of the Lp version) and Life Of Pain (recorded live). I'm really unsure of the numbers pressed and have seen this sell on ebay for non consistent amounts. I guess one for the die hard flag fans.


Lecky said...

I heard there was meant to be 500 copies of this, but it shows up way too regularly for that to be the case, my guess would be around 2000, I read that they sat on the counter of Liqourice Pizza record store for so long that the owner got sick of looking at them and threw a pile of about 100 in the bin!!!
I have a couple of spare copies of this, and I can also make you a copy of the "Unofficial" sleeve which is meant to be a limited edition of 20-30 copies made by a friend of the band and crew in 1982.

Lins87 said...

A copy of that sleeve would be awesome, and again thanks for the info.