Wednesday, 17 September 2008


The true beauty of hardcore punk is contained within this band and its releases. Six gigs (including the infamous Mission of Burma one), one 18 song Lp and a whole load of fury! I guess the grindcore and power violence genres have a lot to thank Mr Jack Kelly and co for inspiration wise. This Lp was actually recorded at Radio Beat recording studio, Boston in 1982 but didn't see the light of day until Taang put it out in 1984. Everything about Taang releases is minimalistic and this record is no exception. From the very familiar Manson cover art to the non inclusion of a lyric sheet. The vinyl is nice though! I remember hearing Neg FX for the first time and thinking to myself this is brutal, but then finding that they carried an almost neo conservative stance and I quote Choke "I would like to make hardcore a thing that I could take my mother to and not be embarrassed", you know you're on to a winner here, haha!!! Only 500 pressed on this colour with a further 500 pressed each on clear blue, clear red and clear vinyl.

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moshua said...

acording to Curtis at Taang! the colors are actually...

"Squeeky" Clear
"Atkins" Amber
"Buse" Blue
"Helter Skelter" Red

and they're are aproximatly 500 of each.

and if you still have and want to sell that LP, I'm still looking for the Amber one. You can email me moshua @ (with no spaces)