Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Originally these four songs were meant to be on the unreleased United We Stand Lp that was due out sometime in 1983. Two original songs and 2 covers, I love this ep. The cover art is great, the vinyl looks good and 7 Seconds rule, well the hardcore punk 7 Seconds does! The true 1st press of this release was on clear which was a "friends club" only release. Represses on clear blue and clear green of 1000 pieces each followed. I picked the clear green variant up from a bargain bin some 10 years ago for the pricely sum of £1 which obviously is a bargain! Not too sure if a lyric sheet was ever issued with this record but mine doesn't have one and the other copies owned by friends are also minus one. The clear blue I got off ebay and this one does have a lyric sheet as shown in the pic.


Lecky said...

It does come with a lyric insert (sometimes), haha.
I have five differnet copies of this, all on Positive Force records.
1. Black vinyl, tan fold out sleeve with hand coloured logo (red) and lyrics printed inside.
2. Clear vinyl, yellow fold out sleeve with lyrics printed inside.
3. Green vinyl, regular sleeve with separate lyric insert.
4. Blue vinyl, regular sleeve.
5. Green vinyl, white fold out sleeve with hand coloured logo (blue) and lyrics printed inside. I think this last one may be a fake sleeve though, but all the others are 100% original.

Lins87 said...

thanks for the heads up on this. Oh btw i'm posting your clitboys ep cover and insert tomorrow.