Thursday, 25 September 2008


Judge - New York Crew ep:
1000 pressed on black w/white labels
1st press, Schism Records 2, released 1988

Check the other listing for a descriptor of this here ep. This was pride and joy of my collection for a number of years, before the concept of collecting really took hold. I knew it was a rare record but what was more important to me was how good it was. This press is the original Schism Records variant before Revelation Records got their hands on it. The labels are white (yellow for the second press) and the lyrics unlike the second press that came on a seperate lyric sheet are printed on the back of the ep cover. A killer ep! and lets hope the rumours of a Judge reunion next year are unfounded as I'd like the legacy of this band to remain intact!

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mel said...

great ep. i can still remember buying my copy in Rough Trade in London in spring 88, though mine isn't a first pressing.