Wednesday, 24 September 2008


This reissue was only available through the Reflex Records mailorder for those lucky enough to have remembered to order it and ltd to 100 only! I was one of the unlucky ones and had to secure this a year later whilst delving around Phil Reflex's basement. Luckily I'd already secured the Negative FX test press that his label had put out when I saw a spare copy of this classic bit of plastic. I chanced my luck and said "Phil how about I give you 15 Euros for this", luckily my fellow Euro was in a giving mood and said "no, no, 10 Euros" to which I gratefully agreed, took the record and ran to my car and locked it in the boot before he could change his mind! This is another of Reflex Records official reissues of classic early 80s Lps and again another sterling job. The lyric sheet also serves as a band history and interview piece and the blue vinyl is amazing, really bright and just plain nice. I think my only gripe with these releases was that the Lp sleeves were a tad bit on the thin side but other than that a great effort. On a historical note the cover art was not a gimmick, singer Jerry A. actually carved that into his chest for the cover photo. Ouch!

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