Thursday, 25 September 2008


I love this ep, fast, raw yet with that unmistakable 7 Seconds melodic trademark. I believe in total that there are 6 or 7 pressings of this with different colour sleeves. Not a bad number sold if 6 or 7000 are the numbers in question! The first press I have is the non glued cover on thich red card with a white lyric sheet. The label glued a few hundred of these to make "proper" sleeves but gave up and ended up with this folded sleeve which pretty much was the blueprint for all subsequent following presses. Also included with the first press variant was another insert that was a photo collage of band and friends. The other presses I have are the 2nd with a light blue paper sleeve and white lyric sheet, 4th press gold paper sleeve with red ink and salmon lyric sheet and the 6th press with the orange paper sleeve with black ink and a white lyric sheet. I think the two that I am missing are the white paper sleeve with red ink and a yellow paper sleeve with black ink, which are the 4th and 5th presses, although I stand to be corrected on that one. *Update* - At last I managed to score a 3rd press white paper with red ink copy of this so now all I need to complete this collection is the Red with black ink and 5th press on the back and the gold with red ink and 6th press on the back.....I think!!


mel said...

now your talking Lins, fantastic 7".

do you have the split flexi with Y.Brigade? I have a spare one for trade.

lecky said...

I always thought that one you have listed as the 3rd press is actually the 6th & Last press on Squirtdown, like it says on the back of the sleeve next to the Squirtdown logo.
There are so many sleeve variants with the Squirtdown release of this record, there are other red sleeved versions than the 1st press but they are printed on paper rather than card.

Lins87 said...

Mel: I have the split flexi on clear red

Lecky: Will check after work, but knowing your attention to detail you're prolly right!

mel said...

no probs Lins.

Mike said...

The only copy I have of this record is one pressed on the Pazzafist label...with no lyric sheet. :(