Thursday, 18 September 2008


Second release by this raging dutch band and again its on No Way Records, which is possibly in my opinion releasing some of the best bands in the hardcore scene at present. Again another excellent record of early 80s inspired core and a top class job on the packaging and vinyl. No Way Records have definately got their pulse on the new bands that have that early 80s feel to them. Red is the theme on this one and I love the fact that the lyric sheet is absolutely huge for an ep. I remember selling a bunch of Koro shirts a while back and selling one to Ronny the bass player. Anyway I ended up at forgetting all about it and some 3 months later attended a Negative Approach gig in Antwerp, Belgium wearing my Koro shirt. Much to my amusement I heard some guy shouting "Lins, Lins" in broken English, I turned and saw this guy wearing the exact same shirt and instantly knew who it was....Ronny!! Anyway great guys, great band, check them out!


xroldx said...

Citizens Patrol the best Dutch band around nowadays? I think so.

Still it bugs me the release has this cover, I though the original idea was better.

Lins87 said...

Without a doubt the best dutch band since ermm...BGK! What was the original idea for the cover? I'm intrigued!

xroldx said...

It's a drawing by one of my best friends (and a member of the only dutch band currently doing BGK covers: Cracks In The Wall). Actually when I went to record the State Of Affairs demo with members of Citizens Patrol as producers he went with us to show the design. It was a pig a policeman and two more figures in gallows.
Wait this was it:

We're going to play with Citizens Patrol, Seein Red, Reproach, Civil Terror and more on oct 4th. We're the only youth crew band between all these fast bands. Should be interesting.