Thursday, 18 September 2008


Well not much to really say about this record that you don't already know. A classic in its own right and one that paved the way for the whole crossover/skatecore genre and the "Suicidal" look, which I and millions have others have sported at one stage in their adolescent life! This variant is the 1st press and although it prolly has been repressed a million times, this is definately a 1st press that includes a lyric sheet, two original Suicidal Tendencies stickers and a Frontier records order form. Its crazy to think that this Lp is 25 years old and to celebrate that fact Frontier have released a special 25th anniversary edition of it. Check this link for details .


Anonymous said...

Wow, how'd you get that first press?

Wouldn't mind having one of those 25th anniversary editions, tho!

Lecky said...

I stuck my stickers on my skateboard, haha.
When the Possessed To Skate 12" and Join The Army LP came out I was given about 100 stickers and about 25 LP promo posters by the guys at Virgin Records in Sunderland, I wish I still had some now but I gave them all away to friends.

Mr. P said...

I had the Join the Army poster on the wall above my bed in the 80's.