Thursday, 18 September 2008


I always classed Upfront as being part of the second tier of youth crew bands that didn't quite create as big a stir as the likes of Youth Of Today, GB, Chain etc...But to be fair I think this record can hold its own and is a good example of well played straight edge hardcore. I fronted a band called Break It Up which a considerable amount of people thought was named after the "bad" SSD Lp when infact it was named after an Upfront song of this Lp. The amount of times I had to correct people was unreal haha! I know that the the first press of this record was on black and had a black cover and was released in 88 whereas the 2nd and 3rd presses were released in 89 with the 2nd press sporting a red cover w/ black vinyl and the two 3rd presses having the black covers w/ both white and clear blue vinyl.


Mike said...

Too I'm sitting here reading this post, I'm listening to the Break It Up 'No Sides' album. Great stuff.

Lins87 said...

Hahaha that is funny. You need the black and white split variant of the lp, the record release version only 50 made. Ask Dead and gone if they have any left!

Mike said...

If they have any left, I'd love one. I've only got the orange vinyl. Doesn't look like they have any BIU vinyl in the store...I may have to drop them an email and ask.