Friday, 12 September 2008


Another Touch and Go classic here, not really a super rare record but interesting nonetheless. I still laugh out loud when I read the song titles like orgy of one etc. Anyway the thing that is most interesting about this ep is the writing on the inside top of the sleeve. "Annandale Ramp Rules", not having a clue what the hell this is a reference to I did a bit of investigative work and found that it is actually a reference to Wakefield skate park in Annandale, Virginia which I can only assume Mr Vee had frequented on numerous occasions. I love stuff like this because it's like holding a piece of history, maybe not your own but someone elses.


Lecky said...

Mine doesn't say anything inside the sleeve! Gutted.
I didn't know they did it with other releases, I thought it was just the first pressing of the Negative Approach EP.

Dennis said...

Hey this is a pretty sweet blog. I can never get enough record talk. But the main reason I am writing is because I am from Annandale, Va. and you have the "Annandale Ramp Rules" note all wrong. There is a skate park now in Annandale, but the Annandale Ramp was a ramp built by punkers back in the 80's. It was in the middle of the woods and people would skate and hang out there without being bothered by adults, rednecks, etc.. I know the United Mutation dudes hung there but also dudes from D.C would come to skate it since Annandale is about 10-15 minutes outside of D.C. I know your probably not but if your looking to sell that record I would love to buy it off you. That would be a great little addition to my collection because of that note. Well again awesome blog and feel free to write me at Thanks!