Saturday, 27 September 2008


Most of the early 80s revival bands around today owe a massive amount of inspiration to this Poison Idea ep. Fast hardcore with that jangly guitar sound is so prevalent today and none do it better than one of the originators. I was lucky enough to get this one one Ebay not so long ago for a decent amount. This is the 3rd press of 1000 on Fatal Erection and was released in 1985 unlike the first to presses which came out in 83. This is also the second variant that came on colour vinyl (the 1st press being on clear) and another difference is the photocopied double sided sleeve which is basic to say the least, but hey thats hardcore! I love this ep so much, both musically and lyrically.


lecky said...

"the only press that came on colour vinyl"
Except the first press which came out as 1000 copies on clear vinyl on Fatal Erection records. I know clear isn't actually a colour but it's not black so it's a colour variation. Also it's really the second press too, the true first press is a run of 700 copies on black vinyl with a blue sleeve on Fatal Erection. The story is that the pressing plant fucked up so they had it re-pressed on clear and then sold the blue sleeve copies after the clear vinyl sold out.

Lins87 said...

This is what happens when you decide to put a post up at 1am! yup totally forgot about the clear, thanks again for being on point and another valuable contribution Mr Leck.

mel said...

Timeless classic. Fantastic record.