Thursday, 21 August 2008


Another pretty decent "have" here. Ok not a first press or even a second or third, but hey its a MINOR THREAT ep so beggars can't be choosers! What I like about hardcore is the whole DIY ethic and this ep pretty much sums that up for me. The cover is thick card stock which has been screen printed, You can feel and see the quality of the product. Plus an added bonus was that my copy came unglued. Well the glue had actually come away probably due to time but as you can see in the bottom picture there is an inked "flex your head". This was handwritten by Ian Mackaye back when the records where initially put together which in itself makes you feel like you have a piece of hardcore punk history staring right back at you, actually 27 years of history to be exact! The importance of this record has been highlighted countless times but for me hearing Straight Edge for the first time was one of those truelly life changing moments.


mel said...

i have the first pressing of this, god i was so excited to get it in the 80s. cost me £30 which was a lot of money for a kid on the dole back then.

Lins87 said...

mate hang onto that like a piece of gold. I'm jealous!!! £30 what a steal!!

Lecky said...

I paid £30 for my second press in about 1993, but about a year ago I decided I really wanted a first pressing so I bought one for over $300 from a guy on eBay, I'm still intending to pick up a third and fourth pressing of it but prices are getting crazy on those too.