Wednesday, 20 August 2008


First record to make my blog is this 4 song belter by mid west powerhouse THE FIX. Comparisons to Negative Approach are obvious but in some ways this band is even more brutal. Anyway after much deliberation I got this pretty cheap on Ebay. Infact over a period of 4 months the value of this record went up by 50%. Not a bad investment on my behalf! 1000 pressed in total and all on black, but as with most records over a 20 year life span a lot of these prolly got "lost" or discarded. What sets this version apart from others is the lyric sheet. When I opened the sleeve to check the insert I seriously could not believe what I was looking at! First thoughts were that some kid had gotten marker pens and went to task on destroying the insert. That was until after further investigation I had found to have in my possession one of the rarer variants of this record. Two presses with different lyric sheets, the first press having my lyric sheet (8.5 x 11) with the written log in middle that the band hated so much that they spray painted some over with black and silver paint! The more regular variant has the mace logo lyric sheet (5.5 x 8) which replaced the written logo and the lyrics instead of being handwritten were typed. The second mace insert also has a thanks list whereas the first does not. Ok so what about the colourful artwork included on my copy. Well apparently on one particular drunken night Touch and Go records owner Dave Stimson and Steve (vox) from The Fix decided to colour and spray paint a number of the first press inserts. Not sure on exact numbers but around the 20 - 30 mark is a good estimation.

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mike said...

would you be into a trade for this ep?