Friday, 20 August 2010


So here we have a repress of the Outspoken "Survival" ep that was first issued way back in 90's when wearing new era caps meant bending the peak and also baggy shorts, pants and striped tees/sweats were all the rage! Well fast fwd to 2010 and Mr Hartsfield has reissued this rather classic 90s ep on bubble-gum pink wax. It's limited to only 77 and after having first thought I'd missed out on a copy someone posted a link to extras that were gonna be made available. I eagerly paid for the record and waited...and waited.....and waited.....and emailed....and waited.....and finally today the little fucker arrived approximately 3 months since I placed the order. Now I know New Age in the 90's had a rep for sending stuff out slowly but c'mon man it's 2010! It's not like had to wait for it to come from the pressing plant, they were already in stock!! Right, now onto the record itself...basic photocopied sleeve,nice looking wax and double sided old Walk Proud labels make this an interesting if not somewhat underwhelming reissue. As can be seen in the pics above it does say that there are only 77 copies, however I feel kinda short changed with this one as it feels like it was quickly put together at the last minute, when with a little bit of extra work it could have looked amazing, oh well just my point of view. I love Outspoken and I loved Survival when it first came out, sure it didn't invent the wheel lyrically but it was a heartfelt, sincere, powerful and a record that I will always hold in high esteem.

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