Saturday, 5 June 2010


If you're a fan of early 7 Seconds material then this ep is a definite nod in that direction. The other cool thing about this 83 released disc is that Moby (yes that Moby) played guitar on it.
I managed to score this on Ebay after a very long search led me to a seller based in the UK. Luckily the price was incredibly low for such a great and rare record and to make matters even more interesting the vinyl is on closer inspection clear (ish) purple. The copies that appear on Ebay for the past 8 or so years have all been black, so not only did I luck out with the price but also the rarity of the actual variation. I'm not even sure how many were pressed on this purple coloured wax and I'm interested to find out. Actually I'm beginning to think that this might be a second pressing collaboration between the original label (Pregnant Nun Records) and another. Also on all 1st pressings Moby is listed as MH but on this sleeve his name is actually listed as Moby! Anyone with more info please feel free to comment.


Light Blue cover, different back cover design than first press. There's a mention of the second 7" Just A Frisbee on the back and in very tiny letters "Pregnant Nun Records #1 second pressing. -Taken from


Lecky said...

Hey, sorry to burst your bubble but both the 1st press and the 2nd press that I have are purple when held up to a light.

Lins87 said...

Yeah I was starting to figure that they were all done on this translucent vinyl. Oh well good to get a copy finally!