Thursday, 3 June 2010


Goatsnake, yes not a hardcore punk band in the slightest I hear you say but their history is steeped in hardcore punk history. Vocalist Pete Stahl was a mainstay in the DC punk scene in the early 80s and was the voice for Scream and provides the excellent voice for Goatsnake. Alongside him on guitar in the snake is Southern Lord's supremo, and current member of the infamous SUNN0)) Greg Anderson who forged his early musical career in the NW hardcore scene and in particular with the bands False Liberty and straight edge youth crew stalwarts Brotherhood. I still find it amazing that a man who ( I presume still has) has true till death xxx tattooed on his arm would turn into the biggest long haired stoner going but boy does he do it well!!! Goatsnake mix the intricate heaviness of Black Sabbath and the doom of Saint Vitus to absolute perfection.This Lp on show is the European reissue of the snakes 3rd Lp and has been beautifully packaged in a heavy duty card gatefold sleeve and complimented by thick 180g clear purple vinyl. Limited to only 760 pieces worldwide this will be a big hitter in Ebay sometime in the future. I guarantee that Goatsnake will damage your car stereo beyond repair and in fact I can vouch for it!

Here's a funny Greg Anderson story.... so me and a couple of friends went to see SUNN0)), now if you know anything about this band you now that a) its not very kind to your ears and b) they dress like monks in long brown robes. So just before they went on stage we were hanging around the back of the venue and lo and behold the whole band appeared from another door walked past us solemnly to the door that would take them onto the stage dressed in their monk robes, now the thing is onstage because of the dry ice and darkness you don't really get the chance to see their feet, anyway as they walked past us in single file all very serious I clocked the biggest whitest pair of nike trainers at the bottom of GA's outfit, It looked absolutely ridiculous.I mean a monk wearing brand new nikes is not something you'd see on a regular basis, so with that in mind next time you see SUNN0)) be sure to check their footwear out! I then shouted "Gregg judging by your footwear will we be getting any Brotherhood tunes tonight", to which he turned round and glared!!! If looks could kill I wouldn't be writing this!!


marcus said...

"I guarantee that Goatsnake will damage your car stereo beyond repair".

Tell us more!

Mike said...

"Gregg judging by your footwear will we be getting any Brotherhood tunes tonight". Hilarious.

Mark-Sandwell said...

Where did you pick this up Lins?

Lins87 said...

Marcus - I have a cd version of this and after playing it at what I would consider to be a loud volume my car stereo ended up blowing two speakers. They both went from crystal clear to having an annoying vibrating noise when anything was played thereafter. Frazzled!

Mark - I picked it up from a local indie record store but you can order it from Burning World records online.

Mike said...

Just checked out this band's myspace page. Fucking cool. I'm going to have to check this band out further.