Thursday, 6 August 2009


Not the reissue recently done on Barbarian Records but the original version sound copy. This was a weird score because initially I bought the ep minus a cover for $20 with the the intention of somehow getting a xerox of the sleeve (Which I did). Luckily tho I had a contact who informed me that his copy of the record had been damaged and he couldn't be bothered searching for another but e was willing to give me the og sleeve and insert for $10. Obviously I snagged them and put all of these components together. Saved me about $90 - 100!! Great mid western hardcore from a band that redefined their own sound on every subsequent release. This and the first lp are essential listening pieces.


marcus said...

Never heard this band. But the title of the record made me laugh. "Cows and beer".. I was wondering if it was some kind of reference to having a beer and burger or something... haha!

Anyway, the internet told me the answer... cows and beer, what else is there in wisconsin?

Lins87 said...

hahaha yeah bit like N Yorks!!