Friday, 5 December 2008


Phillys Edgewise were one of those bands that emerged late 80s and put on their release in 1990. Not a bad band by any means but nothing groundbreaking or particularly outstanding. Still worthy of a spot in my collection although being honest I think the last time I spun this record was in the 90s also! The poster sleeve is awesome and compliments the clear vinyl. I also scored on of those horrendous paper stickers with this record. What is the purpose of those damn things, absolutely useless! Ordered this direct from the label when it came out and it took about 3 months to arrive. Aaahhhh the good old days!!!


mark p. said...

Ehh I always thought this band was wack, but I might be biased. Cool to see that Starkweather ad though, that band ruled. "Philly Dust Krew"

Anonymous said...

Yeah, your are probably biased. ALthough, you never state why you are biased.