Friday, 5 December 2008


Taken from the Rev Records site. Shortly before the demise of Burn in 1992, the band recorded three songs which were never released. These recordings became highly sought after by fans and tenth generation dubs have been circulating the underground scene for years. Burn were one of those bands that were too talented to be a hardcore band if you get my drift. Complex song structures and a groove that was against the grain in a scene were talent wasn't really a badge of honour! Two words ALAN CAGE!!! Packaging is a bit sparse but I love the insert pic of the band. Great shot of them in a non live environment.


mark p. said...

These 3 songs are UN-FUCKING-REAL, especially the title track. This band just sounded like nothing else, and some days I think I like this record even more than the s/t Burn 7". On my old PC I had a few Burn rehearsals and live sets when they were demoing these songs and a few that were never recorded properly.. I really need to get that thing fixed.

Lins87 said...

Still prefer the st ep, but this record is awesome. Their legacy was however damaged with that 12" Cleanse that they inflicted on us all!!!