Friday, 19 September 2008


Great politically charged hardcore punk, and featuring one of the Neurosis guys. This Lp was originally released on Pusmort records in 1985. I picked this one up at a Negative Approach gig in Antwerp, Belgium in 2007 that Christ On The Parade supported at. The sleeve and lyric sheet is pretty much an exact copy of the original. The vinyl is pretty cool to, I guess Prank wanted to stay with the colour scheme on the cover when deciding on the vinyl. The major difference on this Lp is that side one is the Sounds Of Nature lp tracks and side two has tracks from Thrasher magazine's Skaterock, Vol.3 Compilation, The original, unreleased version of the "Isn't Life A Dream" 7" and an Unreleased Avengers cover. I know when this was bought there wasn't a mass rush to grab one of these so just maybe if you check with Prank they may have some spares available.


BURN said...

How Lins, one of my favourite 80's h/c bands. I have the Pusmort version, the inner sleeve is in b&w & only contains the lyrics (no photos). Prank version sounds cool with all those bonuses though. I have the 'Isn't Life a dream' 7", got it a couple years back for only $10 which I think is a bargain. Rorschach heavily ripped off riffs from 'A Mind is a terrible thing to taste'. You should make a Christ on a Crutch post also, another under rated band!

Lins87 said...

i have the pusmort version...i'll check it later today. i agree that both of the bands are very under rated. yeah $10 for the ep is a pretty decent score. cheers for pointing the rorschach rips to, i'm gonna have a listen to them now.