Friday, 19 September 2008


Agnostic Front one of the forefathers of NYHC and a band that has released a slew of records over the years, but none better than the United Blood ep and this their debut Lp. Fast short bursts of powerful yet simplistic hardcore punk. Kinda makes me think of that old saying "hardcore is a simple music form but complicated by fools"!!! I picked this up from a friend of mine who worked in a record store and had bought a collection off some older guy. He obviously didn't know the value of the record and I wasn't going to let on so after exchanging £8, I left his house with a grin the size of his garden path fixed to my face! The cover is thick heavy stock card with the lyrics, song titles and pictures on the inner part. The bottom picture shows that infact this variant is a 2nd press as it has the logo for Important distributors directly underneath the Ratcage records logo. I could tell you a great story about how I interviewed Vinny Stigma for a fanzine I was doing in 92 and him getting his pants belt loop stuck on the door handle of the room we were in and Roger Miret having to help him off...

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