Monday, 1 September 2008


Here is Bolds third release (one as Crippled Youth) and boy what a change a guitarist makes! Much more erm techinical in the song writing capacity. I guess the words more mature spring to mind. I always preferred the earlier Bold material because it had a youthful energy, albeit a really crappy production. Now if only Speak Out had the recording that this ep had!! As far as this copy goes it is definately an orange and pink mix of the darker variety. Check the Revelation Records pressing info for comparison pics and you can see that the vinyl is way lighter than that of the pure orange press. This is from the Rev site - The colour vinyl was suppose to be maroon, to match the cover, but the pressing plant couldn't mix the colour properly and came up with pink. After pressing a number of the pink they stopped and tried remixing the color, this time coming up with orange. To make life easier Jordan just had them do the 1000 on orange so the mix was created when changing from pink to orange without cleaning the presses. The actual invoice states 60 on pink and makes no mention of the mix, so how many of the pure pink versus how many of the orange pink mix exist is not known, but it is safe to say that that there are more than 10 of the mix as was originally believed. What is more, did the mix of colours count as orange or pink on the invoice? So are there 60 pure pink and a number of the mix colour, or are there a even fewer pure pink and a large number of mixed? To add insult to injury, the mix as been referred to as swirl when actually the pure pink, mix, and orange are all technically swirls. The only way to tell is by comparing colours.


marcus said...

Looks pretty orange to me. Get a regular orange one next to it & take another photo!

Lins87 said...

haha i would if i had one. i have put the two together and its definately lighter.