Saturday, 30 August 2008


Well I have the demo tape and now I have both demo vinyl! Indecison did a really nice job with the packaging which is thick card stock and insert. The vinyl is really nice looking to. Pushed Aside were a highly underated but excellent sxe band from California, but had a real NYHC feel to them. I'm sure these bad boys are still available from the label.

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chauka said...

Great review and an awesome site for hardcore vinyl record collectors. I've got tons of these records that you've posted and I'm getting lots of good info about them that I didn't know.

I'm the guitarist for Pushed Aside and did the design and layout and picked the vinyl colors for the 7" EPs. I thought there were 300 of the green/clear pressed. Do you know what happened to the 2 that are missing? Thanks for the kind words on our music and the packaging of the record. Keep up the great work.