Friday, 22 August 2008


This ep rocks so much and still is a favourite of mine. Not as "Youth Of Today" as the Demo but still a hardcore rager nonetheless. Again I held a black 3rd press of this for years but managed to snag a decent trade for both of these. The story behind the Clear yellow is that it was meant to be only available for those lucky Euros that ordered the ep by mailorder. The Clear red was available as a mailorder special for everyone else I guess! Only 100 of the Clear yellow and 200 of the clear red exist which relates to how it sells on ebay. The vinyl is a bit on the thin side but definately a record to have if you love your "youth crew" core. The difference between first press and second press labels are that the firts were light blue and the second silver. Another side note is that one of the dudes who ran this label now owns Jade Tree records!

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