Friday, 22 August 2008


Ah the JUDGE Lp....what a landmark in the heavy metallic sound that many have imitated but very few have mastered as well as Judge. I was blown away when I heard the first Judge ep which is still one of my all time favourite hardcore eps. I eagerly anticpated getting hold of this record and reserved a copy which turned out to be on black from Volume Record store in Newcastle. If my memory serves me well then this actually came out a couple of weeks after the Gorilla Biscuits Lp which made it an exciting couple of weeks. After playing it through the first time I was again blown away by the ferocity of the band. This time around the band have taken the ep formula and upped the ante as far as production and song writting goes. In a nutshell they had lost the rawness and even hardcoreness of the debut record and replaced it with a more polished metallic sound that sat equally as well. The initial production of this record is well know for producing the incredibly rare Chung King Can Suck It Lp that has most collectors salivating over (Marcus, Brian and Lecky take a bow because you can be regarded as three of the luckiest collectors in the UK and yes I'm jealous!!!!), and since the band hated the initial effort decided to rerecord the whole Lp. As noted in the pictures the vinyl is of similar quality to the Gorilla Biscuits Lp and is an opaque green with white swirl. A really nice looking piece.

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