Thursday, 21 August 2008


Another of my £3 buys! and another gem. Simple Californian hardcore but done really well. The vinyl comes in a nice almost thin card like cover, which mine is of the "bright" orange variety. Not sure on the exact split in numbers between the orange and blue sleeves but I'm guessing its prolly going to be 250 of each. The lyrics are actually printed on the reverse of the cover. I got this ep on the cheap and it always feels good when I do that with records. I've seen this hit the $120 mark recently on ebay so my $6 buy is another that is proving to be a sound investment.

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Lecky said...

I have three versions of this one, the one you have is a true first press vinyl and sleeve, the second press has a slightly different label and usually comes in a yellow or white sleeve.
I have the orange sleeve, blue sleeve and white sleeve variants, I'm still looking for the yellow one.