Thursday, 21 August 2008


Another buy from the excellent but now defunct Volume record shop in Newcastle. At the time I hadn't realised how rare a record this would eventually turn out to be. Anyway if my memory serves me right I paid about £2.50 for this and now I'd be looking at recuperating about $500 which is a 100% profit. Of course I'm not looking to sell but it sure is handy to know that if I became desperate the hardcore scene would help bail me out! My copy has the purple logo cover and the vinyl is the banana yellow opaque vinyl. The big difference herein lies with the B side label. Due to Rev running out of regular labels which featured Lukey Luke the GB drummer they opted to use Todd Youth of Warzone ones. Its estimated that there are only 50 - 90 of these variants in existence of which one is mine. Great record, all the tunes are gold.

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Lecky said...

I've had two copies of this one through my hands and got great trades each time I let it go, I know where there may still be another copy too, haha. When Volume got these in as far as I can remember they had 6 copies but at the time no one had any idea the centre labels were wrong including Jordan Cooper, I now know who bought 4 of them from Volume, I wonder who the other two went to?