Saturday, 16 April 2011


And RSD part 3....Youth Of Todays last recorded output on a beautiful red vinyl. Now as far as red vinyl goes this is by far the best shade I have ever seen.

Pressing info on this one is 1300 units. Probably an easy find on Ebay somewhere down the line! This is one of the surprising Rev Recs FINAL presses that somehow is now a FINAL FINAL press!! Oh well it looks great....a modern love storyyyyyyyy!!!


Piesay said...

shittt, i hate you for havin this. it sucks living here in malaysia as i wont be able to get. it sold out before it even goes online. check my blog :

Cam said...

Lins,Saturday was mad it took me back to the early '80s when everyone was trying to get hold of the same records on a Saturday afternoon. Talking about Nerds, that bloke next to you & Stobs in the Reflex que with the greasy hair and hearing aids was well odd ! Someone had a dark clear blue Quicksand up on Ebay straight away also the Bad Brains gold is available in two colours, solid & clear. Trev got me a Burn 7" in RPM I was in the que but it wasn't moving, he also got the last colour B.Brains 7". See you on Friday if your out for Hellbastard !

Lins87 said...

Piesay try HMV Online:

I'm gonna check your blog out!

Cam - Yes it was nerd central, even more so when Stobbs decided to ask for the DOCTOR WHO Ep!!!!! Try the link above for YOT :)
Might be out on Friday, where is the gig at?

Cam said...

Lins, that link's great got all 3 Rev 7"s for under £20. I've got two of each now, more money than sense ! Went back to Reflex today and got the Earth 2xLP on green and a Joy Division 12".

Gigs on at Trillians.

Dobek Ohashi said...

This EP would have been a lot more awesome if the One Night Stand was on it :)

Anyone knows why they excluded this track??